LASER hair removal

Unwanted hair growth is a problem that mainly troubles the female population, regardless of age.

If we count in various pathological conditions (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Hyperandrogenism, Hirsutism, e.t.c.) that can aggravate the existing hair growth, it is very easy to understand the need for everyday use of various depilatory methods, by millions of women around the world.

These methods, however, only provide temporary and short-lived solutions, since the hair reappears soon, and the vicious circle goes on.

Of course, all these belong in the past, since the appearance of the Lasers has overpowered all methods of temporary epilation (i.e. wax, tweezers, razor blades, e.t.c.), bringing about an actual revolution in the section of Cosmetic Medicine.

Laser Hair Removal started in the mid-90s, providing a completely different, pioneering solution to the problem of unwanted hair growth.

A specific beam of clear light (monochromatic), falls on the skin surface, penetrates it (leaving the epidermis intact), is selectively absorbed by the pigment of the hair and the hair follicle, destroying only that (the target-hair) and not affecting the surrounding healthy tissues (selective photothermolysis).

This bloodless, non invasive, safe, quick and, above all, effective method, was soon recognised, since the only other way to reduce hair growth permanently, electrolysis (i.e. needle) was less effective, painful, time consuming, with high side effect potential and practically, large areas to which it could not be applied.

What is good gets even better
The huge prevalence of Laser Hair Removal and the increased demand for more and better Laser systems resulted in the rapid development of technology over the recent years, which focused on the combination: Effectiveness + Safety.

Thus, the modern highly sophisticated Dermatological Lasers used for hair removal, “carry” all the know-how and experience of the past, offering speed, high efficiency and safety (including for dark complexions).

Making use of ideal pulse pairs and being equipped with special mechanisms for freezing the skin, the lasers protect it perfectly, while the advanced pulsed-light beam penetrates the skin and causes selective destruction of the hair as it is absorbed by melanin, leaving the surrounding area intact.

They can be applied to all anatomic areas of the body, quickly and painlessly, and with hardly any unwanted reactions.

Laser or other kinds of Light?
When inevitably compared with other competitive methods (such as photoepilation), the supremacy of the lasers is even clearer, since the Intensed Pulsed Light (I.P.L.) due to the polychromatic spectrum of its radiance, is neither specifically selective nor as effective as the lasers, whereas the extended lack of freezing equipment and the authorization of non medical personnel to use such equipment, does not guarantee safety and efficiency.

Besides, this is why many scientifically substantiated studies demonstrate the laser supremacy, since Intensed Pulsed Light systems are lacking in effectiveness, yet not in side effects.

The right Machinery in the right Hands
Even the most sophisticated Medical Laser needs a skilled and experienced operator, so as to be as effective as possible, meeting the highest safety standards.

The appropriately trained Medical personnel, making use of a variety of options and taking into consideration various parameters (type of hair growth, type of skin, anatomical area, sun exposure, e.t.c.) adjusts each treatment accordingly, so that, in all cases, the results meet the expectations, not in the least “sacrificing” the safety of the application.

Laser Hair Removal: A necessity, not a trend
Today, Laser Hair Removal is the most popular method of permanent hair growth reduction on a worldwide basis.

Both women and men who suffer from excessive hair growth, trust the modern technology and benefit from its advantages.

Over the last decade, the Lasers “aced” all their exams…

The Medical Community has already been convinced and it is not just a coincidence that more and more Gynaecologists-Obstetricians allow their pregnant patients either to carry on or to take up Laser Hair Removal sessions, being aware of the complete safety and effectiveness of the modern Dermatological Laser Systems.

No matter what trends are imposed from time to time on Cosmetic Medicine -due to marketing reasons, mainly- Laser Hair Removal is and always will be the best method of permanent hair removal, since the maximum effectiveness and safety it guarantees to anyone who decides to trust it, is widely acknowledged.